A fun TV spot on a tight budget! 
Commerce Bank Radio Spots…We had a little fun with "bankers' hours."
Neurosurgeons. Cardiologists. Oncologists. VRCC is not your average vet hospital. We took the strategy of positioning the specialists there as exactly what they were…knowledgable experts with good advice about your dogs. The awareness campaign helped to grow an already robust clientele at the hospital. 
A couple of spots for MFA, a Midwest-based regional farm supply and coop. Who knew seeds and kibble could be so much fun. Such a great client to work with!
A public service message about the great line up of shows available at the San Diego Ticket Booth on Bargain Arts Day.  The budget…nonexistent. But, the show must go on, so we developed a low-cost spot that drove awareness with a little music and fun animated visuals.
More financial radio spots. Fun. Informative. And easy to sell when you're talking about Hawaiian vacations. Aloha!
A series of animated information videos with light hearted visuals and music to keep the 
viewed engaged while being educated. 
Another PSA…this time on the virtues of spaying and neutering your dog. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley, the sponsor, is an extraordinary place and well worth a visit should you be in the market for a new best friend!
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